Toddler returns to Florida hospital after eight-month stay in Philadelphia hospital 

Originally published June 29, 2013 in the Tampa Bay Times. This was her third boy, and Mandy Sheridan knew what needed to be in order before the baby was born. Call the hospital, call the baby photographer, call the priest, call the funeral home. Doctors diagnosed two of her sons with short-rib polydactyly syndrome, a […]

Opposing activists pray, protest at Marco Rubio’s office 

Published in the Tampa Bay Times on June 26, 2013. TAMPA — Nobody was quite satisfied outside Sen. Marco Rubio’s Tampa office Wednesday as two different groups protested Rubio’s stance on immigration. The first group thought he wasn’t doing enough, the other thought he’d gone too far. In the morning, a group of church leaders, […]

Young tech professionals find housing in posh San Francisco mansion 

This story was written as part of the Hearst National Writing Championship and helped me win first prize in that competition. SAN FRANCISCO — When Val Lefebvre arrived in San Francisco, he didn’t have a place to live. The 20-year-old, who emigrated from his home in France in mid-April, was looking for somewhere he could […]