Real or imagined, the Lake Worth Monster is still feared 45 years later 

Originally published in The Dallas Morning News on July 21, 2014. I also coded and designed the online special presentation. Something monstrous is lurking among the singing cicadas and rustling reeds on the shoreline of the West Fork of the Trinity River. First spotted 45 years ago this month, the creature has been known to […]

Pushing the limits 

Originally published July 20, 2014 in The Dallas Morning News. I also designed and coded the special longform display on their site. Flies landed on the beast’s back as the cowboy got ready for his ride. He pulled a flank strap around the bull’s backside and a bull rope with a leather handle around the […]

Can’t take bats out of seniors’ hands in Grand Prairie softball league 

Originally published July 6, 2014 in The Dallas Morning News. GRAND PRAIRIE — With a rising pantline and knobby knees, Jim Waite stepped out of the dugout at Mike Lewis Park. He wore No. 15 on his back, blue shorts and a Texas Rangers ballcap. It was his 72nd birthday. “I’d rather be here today […]