Octogenarians become historic Dallas newlyweds 

Originally published June 26, 2015 in The Dallas Morning News. They shuffled in behind the couple, craning their necks to see the first same-sex marriage license issued in Dallas County. One mother picked her toddler up to see and kissed him on the cheek. “They’re getting married!” the boy said. “A lot of people are […]

McKinney pastors lead push for peace as pool party incident draws national spotlight 

Originally published June 13, 2015 in The Dallas Morning News. McKINNEY — More than a month ago, pastor Mike Connaway was preparing for a conference presentation about race and the church. The leader of McKinney’s VLife Church said he had a vision that turned out to be prophetic. With protests raging in black communties nationwide […]

Busy beehive-rescue nonprofit buzzes into Dallas 

Originally published June 1, 2015 in The Dallas Morning News. I also wrote a first-person blog post about reporting this story with an epic fear of bees. More than 200,000 bees against two bare hands. “This is impressive,” Walter Shumacher said Sunday morning, shining a light behind a wall to see how a hive stretched […]