As JFK theories linger, assassination buffs dig for gold in new files 

Part of ongoing coverage of the release of long-classified federal documents on the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, published in The Dallas Morning News. I was part of a team that produced reports during each document release as part of the JFK Records Act of 1992. This story was originally published Nov. 22, […]

How the ‘America’s Team’ Dallas Cowboys transformed the city’s image after JFK assassination 

Originally published Nov. 18, 2017 in The Dallas Morning News. Reported as part of my master’s thesis research at Southern Methodist University. Fridays in the early 1960s were usually light workout days for the Dallas Cowboys. The team was running through a few routine drills on the morning of Nov. 22, 1963 at its facility […]

Eyes on the fries: Winner rules the Whataburger in friendly Texas high school football feud 

Originally published Nov. 8, 2017 in The Dallas Morning News. FRISCO — In the front row of Frisco ISD’s Memorial Stadium, Frisco Lone Star High School senior Dalton Light hoisted a white flag with a bright orange W. Clad in navy blue and silver from head-to-toe, the fans clung to signs painted with orange-and-white numbered A-frame […]

27 and lost in a mum shop: Never too late to right a homecoming wrong 

Originally published Oct. 28, 2017 in The Dallas Morning News. I’m surrounded by feather boas and cowbells and teddy bears. Moms and daughters fuss over racks of ribbons, trying to find just the right combination in time for the big day. I’m 27. I’m in a homecoming mum shop. I’m lost. If you grew up […]

For Cowboys’ anthem performer, focus is on the song, not the debate 

Originally published Oct. 1, 2017 in The Dallas Morning News. ARLINGTON — By the dawn’s early light, Freddie Jones arrives at AT&T Stadium with his bright blue trumpet. In a green room down the hall from the Cowboys locker room, he warms up for hours before his small but critical part of the Cowboys pregame […]

How do you save the hawk who sought refuge from Harvey in your taxi? Leather gloves and moonshine 

Originally published Sept. 13, 2017 in The Dallas Morning News. After one last car ride from a rehab center in Lucas to a park in Plano, Harvey the Hurricane Hawk was finally ready to fly free. The young Cooper’s hawk took refuge in a Houston taxicab as the storm swirled into Texas’ Gulf Coast in late […]

Wading in chest-high water, he wanted 100 gators to swim toward him 

Originally published Sept. 7, 2017 in The Dallas Morning News. BEAUMONT — Surrounded by hundreds of alligators, Gary Saurage waded through murky floodwaters trying to save his 15-acre reptile sanctuary just off Interstate 10. Hurricane Harvey had brought record rains, and the water was already above the fence of one enclosure, offering easy escape for smaller […]

Helicopters, pickups and airboats: How your donations are getting to Harvey’s victims 

Originally published Sept. 4, 2017 in The Dallas Morning News. ORANGE, Texas — A coordinated effort between the National Guard, American Red Cross volunteers and regular folks with boats and trucks is getting supplies from generous Texans into the hands of people who need it most. To see this goodwill in action, zoom in and study an […]

Texas families passing through Buc-ee’s stock up on supplies, brace for Harvey’s arrival 

Originally published Aug. 25, 2017 in The Dallas Morning News. NEW BRAUNFELS — As the wind picked up and more families scurried to pick up bags of ice and fill tanks of gas, Andi and Terence Munsch took a drag off their cigarettes and considered their options. They’d fled their home in Port O’Connor on the Gulf […]

Where is Elijah? Dallas family seeks answers 2 years after son vanishes on Cabo San Lucas mission trip 

This year-long investigation was originally published Aug. 23, 2017 in The Dallas Morning News.  Benjamin Hernandez eased through the passenger pickup lane at Dallas Love Field, searching the crowd for his older brother. Dozens of travelers embraced loved ones, lifted heavy luggage into cars and drove toward home. But Benjamin couldn’t find any sign of […]