For Cowboys’ anthem performer, focus is on the song, not the debate 

Originally published Oct. 1, 2017 in The Dallas Morning News. ARLINGTON — By the dawn’s early light, Freddie Jones arrives at AT&T Stadium with his bright blue trumpet. In a green room down the hall from the Cowboys locker room, he warms up for hours before his small but critical part of the Cowboys pregame […]

Why I own an AR-15: Four Texans say how they use the most popular rifle in America 

Originally published July 1, 2016 in The Dallas Morning News. When senators want to ban it, gun enthusiasts jump to defend it. Some say it’s too powerful for civilian use. Others say it’s the most user-friendly rifle around. Politico recently dubbed it “the most political gun in America.” The NRA calls it “America’s rifle.” The […]

House-trained bison with ‘great personality’ finds a new home 

Originally published May 16, 2016 in The Dallas Morning News. ARGYLE — Bullet the bison likes to spend her days rolling in the mud, lounging in the shade and walking around the house … and through the door, and down the hallway. Her owner, Karen Schoeve, doesn’t mind. It can be a nuisance sometimes, but […]

Nike giveaways and Drake songs help this youth pastor from Dallas bring kids to #Jesus 

Originally published May 1, 2016 in The Dallas Morning News. With lines out the door and bouncers handing out wristbands, the Wednesday night gathering seemed more like a trendy nightclub opening than a church service. Hundreds of students packed the youth center of River Pointe Church, about 30 miles southwest of Houston, for the weekly […]

Hoping for the ‘real deal’ but harboring doubts, boy delivers Christmas wish list to Santa 

Originally published Dec. 22, 2015 in The Dallas Morning News as the debut of “The Moment,” a feature about everyday people at meaningful times in their lives. Shoppers meandered through NorthPark Center. Some carried big red Macy’s bags that proclaimed, in bold white script, “Believe.” But Casen Hagans, 11, wasn’t sure he should. In line […]

These real-life Jedis follow the way of the Force, find universal truth in ‘Star Wars’ 

Originally published Dec. 16, 2015 in GuideLive at The Dallas Morning News. This is a Jedi love story, but not as painfully awkward as Attack of the Clones. A long, long time ago (well, three years) in a galaxy far, far away (well, New Zealand ), Brenna Cavell was scanning the Internet. She came across a […]

Far from home, Nepali immigrant faces breast cancer 

Originally published Sept. 30, 2015 in The Dallas Morning News. It started as a small lump, nothing too alarming. But this spring, when it started to grow, Nalina Shah began to worry. The 29-year old Nepali immigrant hadn’t been to the doctor since she was a little girl. She had an hourly job at a […]

Octogenarians become historic Dallas newlyweds 

Originally published June 26, 2015 in The Dallas Morning News. They shuffled in behind the couple, craning their necks to see the first same-sex marriage license issued in Dallas County. One mother picked her toddler up to see and kissed him on the cheek. “They’re getting married!” the boy said. “A lot of people are […]

Saving Worthless Tom 

Originally published in The Dallas Morning News on April 21, 2015. I also created the interactive presentation for the web. The beats poured out of his bulky Sony headphones as dark melodies and loops replaced the hum of machines pushing to keep Tommy Collier alive. The pump next to his bed forced toxins into his […]

Pushing the limits 

Originally published July 20, 2014 in The Dallas Morning News. I also designed and coded the special longform display on their site. Flies landed on the beast’s back as the cowboy got ready for his ride. He pulled a flank strap around the bull’s backside and a bull rope with a leather handle around the […]